Meet the Colleague Nation

Toshi Shinya, our Benihana Sushi Chef, feels blessed to have had the opportunity to work at Fairmont Royal York for 29 years! Over the years he has made many connections with our guests and colleagues, all of whom he considers family.

When Toshi first joined our Fairmont Royal York family, he began as a Teppan Chef. After mastering the Teppan-style cooking, Toshi had a desire to grow and challenge himself. When the opportunity arose, he was trained to become a Sushi Chef, and we couldn’t be more delighted! Toshi has mastered the art of sushi and his creativity and expertise reflects in his culinary creations and his namesake sushi roll – the Toshi Roll (which is a favorite amongst our guests).

Sushi is Toshi’s life. For him, it’s not about slicing the fish, making the rice or rolling the maki. For him it’s about the relationships he has built with his guests over the past 29 years. Toshi is passionate and excited for the opportunities to connect with our guests on a personal level and to create a genuine experience in order to earn their loyalty. He has become a part of their lives – watching relationships form that build stronger overtime, welcoming new family members and celebrating their birthdays!

Toshi is excited about Benihana’s future and the recent renovation completed in the lounge; which is his favorite renovation to date. Toshi looks forward to welcoming you to Benihana soon; whether it be a simple hello, coming to enjoy a sake or two, or even indulge in his most delicious creation, the Toshi Roll.