Meet Katrina

We can continue to work every single day as strong and empowering women.

- Katrina Engel, First Cook

For the past five years, I have gained experience in several roles in the kitchens of Fairmont Royal York, as well as a season in Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. I've recently been promoted to First Cook and I'm very excited for this opportunity! I'm thankful for the role models who have helped shaped my career, like chefs and supervisors who have gone above and beyond in training and encouraging me to keep going. I look to my parents and credit the values they instilled in me of a strong work ethic as a great contributor to my success. I'm inspired and motivated by the people who I work with every day - seeing how they hone and improve their skills - inspires me to learn and do more.

Working in the kitchen is a team environment. Listening is critical, and valuing the opinion of others is key to learning new skills. I always help my colleagues as much as I can because it shows that we’re all in it together and working towards the same goal.

I want to continue learning and progressing, and in time, when I feel like I’ve reached a pivotal moment in my career here, I would love to transition into a marketing role in the food and beverage industry, and combine the skills I've learned with my business degree.

International Women's Day reinforces the importance that we empower and encourage each other to always grow - especially in industries lacking female leaders. It’s important we recognize the talent, strength and capability of women.