Meet Larissa

She really encouraged me to be myself … She really encouraged me to go for it.

- Larissa Cuffy, Security Agent

I began my career as a part-time Health Club Attendant in 2017 at Fairmont Royal York. My role model is my older sister Cato - I have always admired her work ethic and willingness to take on challenges. Cato is the person who encouraged me to take on a role in a department I knew very little about. Within 8 months, I transitioned to a career in the Security department, where I am currently a Full-Time Agent. That leap of faith has brought me a lot of joy and a sense of accomplishment with the work we do each day in my department.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone has taught me the value in speaking up. I'm confident in sharing my experiences and best practices with others to help foster a safe work place. This is especially important to me as a bi-racial woman in a department that deals with many vulnerable, minority populations. I believe it’s important that stories and experiences are shared freely to elevate the way we engage with those who enter the hotel and to create a safe and inclusive environment.

Working in this department has given me the opportunity to network with many different people across many different industries. Currently, I'm balancing my work with full-time studies at University in Criminology and Communications. In the next few years, I aspire to be a Supervisor and I would love to be the Director of Security & Emergency Management.

To me, International Women’s Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Many brave women throughout history have fought for equality - socially, economically, politically, and culturally, which has afforded the world the benefit of their achievements. I believe this day unites the world in celebrating the trailblazers before us, and encourages the next generation to continue the fight.