Meet Lois

My mother has taught me so many great values. One thing is inclusion. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. If we utilize everyone's strength, we can achieve one focus together.

- Lois Zhang, Facility Manager, Engineering

Since working at Fairmont Royal York for 7 years as the Facility Manager for the Engineering Department, many people have helped inform my leadership style, from parents and friends to our team leaders and colleagues. I've learned so much from excellent professionals around me and gained inspiration through challenging opportunities. Notably, I am lucky to have met an amazing female leader early in my career who shared strong guidance.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Inclusion has stood as a core pillar in my success as a leader: when we use each individual’s strengths, we can achieve wonderful goals together. Providing excellent service for both guests and colleagues is grounded in the strength of communicating with empathy and consideration, and I believe this upholds the welcoming character of our hotel.

To me, International Women’s Day is a day of both celebration and reflection. We celebrate the achievements of women and we are grateful that the cause to mitigate gender discrimination has progressively improved over the years. We reflect on opportunities for how to improve gender equality and diversity — did I achieve my full potential and what are the barriers? What am I doing to make a difference as a woman in a male-dominated field such as maintenance and skilled trades? My hope for each individual is to feel that their life and hard work is meaningful and contributes to the movement for gender equality.