Meet Sabita

This is the beginning of a new era when women say Yes for ourselves.

- Sabita Beekhoo, Stewarding Supervisor

From beginning in the healthcare and airline industries, I chose to pursue my career in hospitality. Now three years since joining Fairmont Royal York, I'm the Stewarding Supervisor in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. I have seen our great halls operate at such a large scale while simultaneously serving more than 1500 guests.

From a young age, my father instilled in me that the word "can't" does not exist; rather "Yes I can." I said Yes to myself and pursued a university education and graduated with a degree in Applied Science with a major in Food and Therapeutic Nutrition. I said Yes to myself and pursued my dreams to be happy in both my professional career and personal life. As a single mother raising my three sons, I teach them to say Yes in pursuing their own dreams.

As a leader for my team, I always listen and treat them with empathy and respect. I recognize and praise them for a job well done. I give them feedback so that every colleague says Yes to themselves in being a better person.

For the next step in my career, I want to incorporate my degree and promote food nutrition and education so that our colleagues are empowered to make positive choices and say Yes to their health.

To me, International Women’s Day signifies an end in needing to justify our power as women. We already know our power. And this is the beginning of a new era when women say Yes for ourselves.