Sharing space with nature: our verdant rooftop garden

Our rooftop garden delivers a pocket of lush green, high up in the skyline. It’s a connection to the natural world, and a moment of natural calm in the booming centre of the city.

Rooftop honeybees

Established in 2008, our rooftop apiary was the world’s first home for honeybees atop a city hotel. These hives teem with 600,000 honeybees – a supportive home for the pollinators crucial for the health of crops, flowers, and biodiversity. (In fact, pollination is an essential ‘ecosystem service’ which is worth an estimated $326 million worldwide.)

And the results are sweet for our guests. An average of 450lbs of honey is produced in these hives every year – a golden hyper-local addition to afternoon tea, cocktails, and culinary creations.

Herb garden

The rooftop herb garden produces 45 different varieties of herbs – fresh flavours ready to be harvested by our chefs for kitchens and cocktails experiences in the hotel. It’s also a great way to watch things grow in the heart of our city.