Tackling food waste with AI

Food waste is a massive issue – for our city, and our world. As much as one third of the food humans produce is never consumed. This waste accounts for up to 8% of global GHG emissions – four times as much as aviation. In travel and hospitality, the issue is particularly acute.

Fairmont Royal York is committed to shifting this dynamic. We’ve set a target of reduced food waste by 60% by 2030, through a host of initiatives including:

* Using the Orbisk technology platform to sort and track food waste with AI, including image recognition cameras and advanced waste stream management

* Oscar Sort, our intelligent sorting system, leverages Intuitive AI to help our team separate food waste properly and efficiently in the course of service operations

* Be One to Give captures unavoidable food waste and redistributes it to communities in need

* Civil Pours Spent Citrus repurposes used citrus peels from cocktails

* Partnerships with local farmers and producers reduce wastage from travel

We are continually seeking out technology and operational solutions to reduce food waste – and we’re determined to lead our industry and our city on this issue.

Photo credit: Sanjeri